Appraisal Services

AMS offers a full range of Appraisal products and services specific to the needs of our clients:

  • Mortgages - Conv, FHA, Multi-Family, REO, Appraisal Reviews
  • Asset Management
  • Investment & Rental Analysis
  • Determining a Competitive Purchase/Sale Price
  • Estate Taxes and Planning
  • Tax Appeals
  • Divorce, Bankruptcy 
  • PMI Removal 

When do you need the Services of AMS Appraisals ?

1.  Are you a Mortgage Lender, requiring an Experienced and Professional State Certified Appraiser ?

AMS Appraisers are approved and qualified to perform Conventional, FHA, Multi-Family, Exterior, and Review Appraisal reports.

2. Are You Buying or Selling a Home ?

Real Estate Agents typically try to obtain the Highest Price for a property, Not necessarily an Accurate Estimate of Market Value. When you receive a value estimate or competitive market analysis from a real estate agent, the Valuation does NOT have the same rigorous requirements as a Real Estate Appraisal. For example: When selling your property, an Agent may be persuaded to tell you a HIGH VALUE ESTIMATE or "what YOU want to hear", in order to obtain your Listing…. Or….... When a deal is in negotiation, an Agent may have a fiduciary responsibility to obtain the “best price”  for another Party to the Transaction.    Whether you choose to sell your home on your own, or with the assistance of a real estate agent, A professional appraisal report performed by a qualified, State Certified Real Estate Appraiser will give you the "peace of mind" to make a more educated decision of Value. BEFORE you List your property for Sale, and  BEFORE you make an offer to purchase that "Deal of a Lifetime", have an AMS State Certified Appraiser, provide an Unbiased Opinion of Value. Our Appraisers subscribe to the Requirements of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, (USPAP). Under these standards, & unlike a real estate agent, an Appraiser is never Paid based on a percentage of the Sale Price. A qualified Appraiser, can help you avoid lingering days on the market, and help you to make an informed offer to purchase. You should be Confident about the most expensive transaction in your financial life.  AMS can give you that confidence.

3. Settling an Estate ? 

Settling an estate most often requires an appraisal to show market value for the affected home. While at this difficult time, it is understandable that thinking about getting an appraisal is the farthest thought from your mind, you can rest assured that AMS Appraisers have the Technical Expertise regarding these types of retrospective appraisals to handle the assignment. Our Appraisers are accustomed to the procedures and requirements of the Federal and State Revenue agencies and the Courts, and often supply reports that transcend their requirements. Over the years, Attorneys, Accountants, and Executors have confidently relied on AMS  Appraisers for their Professional Appraisal Experience regarding Estate tax liability & disposition of assets under a will or in probate. 

4. Are you Appealing  your Tax Assessment ?

Real Estate Values have changed, and the Local Municipality will "rarely call you" to advise  your Taxes are too High...  Real property owners have a right to challenge their real estate assessments by filing an Appeal with their Local Assessment Board. The key to a winning a tax Appeal is to provide well documented "evidence"  disproving the valuation claims of the Assessor.  An Independent  Unbiased Appraisal Report, by one of our Expert Appraisers can be a very persuasive tool at an Appeals hearing.

5. Involved in a Lawsuit, Divorce, Condemnation, Bankruptcy ?

A Lawsuit can be a traumatic and painful experience. The allocation of real estate assets is often the most complicated distribution decision of any case.  It is critical that these assets be valued accurately, and the documentation is deemed to be credible by the master, arbitrator, or judge.  AMS Appraisers have the professional experience and knowledge in doing appraisal work for these types of equitable distribution proceedings.  We have successfully testified as an expert witness in local county courtrooms. We can provide pre-trial and pre-deposition consultations, direct & cross examination consultations, thorough review of the other side’s appraisal report, and current and retrospective valuations as needed.